Yakari comics vol 1-19. Do you love Thunder?

Yakari comics

Yakari comics are all about a young Sioux Native American who can understand and speak animal languages, especially his best friend pony called “Little Thunder.”

Just like Lucky Luke with his best friend Jolly Jumper, Thunder is a horse friend who always helps Yakari in each adventure in the wild.

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The Yakari comics by Derib and Job revolves around the adventures of a small Sioux boy who can speak with animals. In turn, the stories unfold around his encounters with North American animals. Yakari has many friends, including humans and animals. Rainbow is his best friend, Great Eagle his totem, and Little Thunder his pony best friend.

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The Yakari comics is geared toward young children. It is successful because of the high-quality illustrations characteristic of the Franco-Belgian school of comic book design. The only downside is that the portrayal of Native American culture seems dated by today’s standards.

The characters in Yakari comics are superbly original and have both exciting and lovable screen time amidst the fantastic – and many – backdrop scenery. There is no doubt that children worldwide will love this, and many of those children will be grown-ups who will lavish on old memories that will stir up within them.

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