Uncle Scrooge Adventures vol 1-54. Do you love him?

Uncle Scrooge Adventures

Uncle Scrooge Adventures is all about Scrooge McDuck, a stingy old duck who is a very loving uncle of Donald DuckHuey, Dewey and Louie in Disney‘s comics world.

Uncle Scrooge is a rich man who lives in a safe haven called “The Deposit”, which has so much money that it has to be counted with a new unit of measure: the zillion. All this makes up 90% of the deposit.

scrooge mcduck

Uncle Scrooge’s favorite pastime (this is what he is called by Donald and his grandsons) is diving into this sea of ​​gold coins, thanks to the trampoline, but only you. Able to attack like that, practically any other person would run the risk of hitting their head and being seriously injured.

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During his “swimmings”, Scrooge repeats, “I love to swim in money, like a whale, dig tunnels like a mole and throw it over my head like a bath!”. Scrooge McDuck is extraordinarily stingy and loves to accumulate money without spending a dime for himself and Donald Duck.

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Indeed he never misses an opportunity to exploit them and draw them into situations and adventures in his favor, making them swoon. Promises to earn massive rewards after completing the mission. Because Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are light-hearted, they often get caught up in situations they don’t want to.

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Never noticed. Uncle Scrooge in Uncle Scrooge Adventures used to love telling his grandchildren about his adventures in Klondike when he was still a poor gold miner and had to defend himself against thieves. He loves all the coins in his deposit as if they were his daughters, whom he calls “my blood”, but he cares most about probably “number one”, his first lucky coin.

This coin is Magica De Spell’s target because of its great magical powers, that of Amelia, the Amalia witch (Magica De Spell in the American original), a duck dressed in black with a roof and long black hair.

Magica De Spell

He flies on a broom and possesses hypnotic powers. However, Uncle Scrooge knew how to protect himself from these spells, and often when he saw the witch swinging her deposit, he shot her with an old train on the roof. Scrooge is famous for his favorite pair of glasses with a face and a couple of goggles on the beak. He always wears a tailcoat, gallop, hat, and cane.

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Thanks to Carl Barks, who, in addition to creating graphics for many characters, also writes funny stories, several comic masterpieces have been made, such as: “Donald and the gorilla”, “Donald and the mystery” of the Incas”, “Donald and Time Are”, “Uncle Scrooge and the Gem of Anathema”. Suppose Donald embodies the vices and virtues of an ordinary man. In that case, Uncle Scrooge represents a typical capitalist ready to exploit other people’s work without paying a fair price.


However, you have to recognize his natural aptitude for business. When he knew he could make twice as much, he didn’t hesitate. To spend. His stingy arguments are amusing, as are his brilliant maxims: “time is money”. Despite everything, Uncle Scrooge McDuck is good because he is sincere and straightforward with his flaws and doesn’t hide behind a finger.


One of his most persistent enemies is rocker duck, a wealthy man second only to him in terms of money. Uncle Scrooge is his business rival, and the two often compete when they want to reach a particular business first.

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