The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library vol 5-25. Do you love it?

The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library vol 5-25

The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library, a masterpiece from Walt Disney is a collection where Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Uncle Scrooge are all-time stars in our hearts.

Carl Barks – The one who gave life to the famous Disney ducks

For long-time Disney fans, Carl Barks is a veteran of the early Mouse family. His career is also quite interesting: rising from many failures and only being anonymous after many years.

donald duck and mickey mouse

His signature ‘Walt Disney’ was so familiar until real fans discovered his name. His life was almost entirely devoted to the Disney ducks, which fans affectionately call the ‘Donald Duck Universe’.

Carl Barks: The one who gave life to the famous Disney duck, which now has The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library.

As a child, Carl Barks used to shop for household supplies in flea markets. He was first exposed to cowboys, who later became a recurring motif in his comic adventures. This painter.

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In 1916, Barks had to drop out of school due to family problems. He soon began a long series of jobs, such as farming, cutting wood, driving, and printing (none of which was successful).

During this time, he also met various people who maintained a sense of humor despite their hard work, who influenced Barks’ approach to the character in a significant way.

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Carl Barks once said that if it weren’t for a bit of humor in everyone’s troubled lives, everyone would have gone crazy long ago.

It was an attitude towards life that Barks applied to himself later on. It makes it more natural, he says, to satirize the secret desires and desires, the pompous style and frustration of the characters in the stories he draws.

According to Barks, this period of life influenced his most famous fictional characters: Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and his own Scrooge McDuck.

Donald’s rapid change and drift from job to the job were inspired by Barks’ experiences, including his usual lack of success.

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And even success will be temporary until one wrong event or opportunity causes another failure, another disappointment for poor Donald Duck. Barks also admits this is something he is already familiar with.

After studying the work of master cartoonists like Winsor McCay, Barks began working as a professional painter.

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In 1935, however, he found a way to work for Disney Studios as an in-betweener and later as a satirist, narrator, and director of photography. Barks continued working on a series of Disney short films, primarily as the character Donald Duck, whose name soon became attached.

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