Spy x family vol 1-4 COLORED manga that you love

Spy x family vol 1-4 COLORED manga

Spy x family of Tatsuya Endo is about a family with a spy father, an assassin mother and a daughter who can read minds.

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Review SPY x FAMILY: When spy, assassin, and psychic become family

The SPY x FAMILY series is set in Europe during the Cold War (1947-1991), with the two fictional nations of Ostania and Westalis representing the two sides of the East-West front line. The West’s top spy, codenamed “Twilight”, is sent to the East to assassinate a dangerous element that threatens world peace.

Fake family, real love

The father is a spy, the mother is an assassin, and the daughter is a psychic. They are not related by blood and became family in less than a week. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the strangest family.

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Loid can be a great spy but is an amateur in the “job” of being a father, which leads to five times seven headaches because of bad jokes caused by his innocent daughter. But with his instinctive love for children, he quickly became a father Anya could count on.

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Meanwhile, Yor completely “deviated” from the popular female model then. Not good at cooking, not good at housework, the only thing Yor does well is fighting and cleaning the scene. She started practicing as an assassin to earn money to raise her younger brother. She will be willing to sacrifice herself despite the danger for the people she calls “family”.

Although this family was created for different purposes, Loid and Yor cannot deny that it has gradually become a regular part of their lives. Although that connection cannot be maintained forever, the two adults are still very protective, teaching Anya, and trying to understand more about children’s psychology. Ever since then, they have subconsciously acted like real parents.

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Along with the affection for children is the development of the relationship between Loid and Yor. Whether Yor is an abnormal woman or Loid is a doctor who handles “patients” with suspicious fists, they are still willing to treat each other well. Even though spy x family characters are only husband and wife in name, how they respect and trust each other certainly makes many readers “shaken”.

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Even though the three people do not dare to reveal their true identities to each other, they can still enjoy peaceful moments as a family. Fake family, real love, this is the core content that helps SPY x FAMILY win readers’ hearts, just like other all-time Japanese mangas.


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