Peanuts every Sunday vol 1-9. Do you love them?

Peanuts every Sunday

Peanuts every Sunday vol 1-9 is a graphic comic collection about cute Snoopy and his adorable friends!

Charles Schulz tells about his life through the character Charlie Brown and creates miracles.

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Schulz is a loser and a man with a strong will, never giving up before any difficulties and severe life challenges. It was the effort that helped Charles Schulz change his own destiny.

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Charles Schulz told about the author’s life through comic books, with the main character being Charlie Brown. Schulz used his childhood image as the prototype to create Charlie Brown. Charlie is the lovable boy who doesn’t know how to fly a kite or control a ball, with no close friends except his loyal dog Snoopy.

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Snoopy’s prototype used to be an odd dog who loved to eat thumbtacks and blades.

Charles Schulz once owned an extraordinary dog as a child. The dog’s name is Spike, and one of his favorites on his menu is thumbtack and razor blades.Charles Schulz

Spike was the first character that Charles Schulz drew in his debut work. Spike later inspired Charles Schulz to create Snoopy, a cute and talented dog, a global celebrity.


Snoopy was originally named Sniffy, but this name was used in other comics, so Charles Schulz changed it to Snoopy at his mother’s suggestion, Dena Halverso.

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Most of the characters in Peanuts are inspired by relatives of Charles Schulz.
Peanuts is a funny comic book series about the daily happenings of young Charlie Brown. The children’s characters in the story are all prototyped by the author from his close friends and relatives.

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Snoopy is a dreamy dog, sometimes fanciful but full of goodwill, loyalty, and kindness, representing a wonderful and desirable friend.

Snoopy pulled the owner-friend, Charlie Brown, out of shyness, inferiority and loneliness into a completely different life with many dreams, full of courage and openness to everyone.

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Along with Snoopy, Charlie Brown has spent many vivid, colorful days, and the two have grown up together, perfecting themselves.


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