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Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ouran Highschool Host Club v1-18 of Bisco Hatori is about a talented tomboy girl who received love from the hottest boys in a high-class high school.

Ouran Highschool is a school for students who meet the following criteria:

One is a descendant of a noble family;

Two must be rich and have a lot of free time.

It was the first introduction to Ouran Private School.

Bisco Hatori

At this famous private school, there is an extraordinary club named Ouran High School Host Club – where ladies with a lot of money and time come to enjoy a moment of conversation and fun. With six handsome and cool guys.

So why does this strange club appear in a wealthy school?

お うらん 高校 ホスト 部 カフェ

Because rich people often have a lot of free time. So this ouran highschool host club manga was founded by six extremely handsome guys with a lot of money and time to create. The purpose is to serve rich girls with spare time. In short, it’s the entertainment for the super-rich in this school.

Coming to Ouran High School Host Club, the ladies will be free to look at handsome men, talk, or listen to their confidants comfortably. They will be treated like princesses or queens.

There are also all kinds of lovely boys for ladies to choose from Wild, innocent, erotic, cold, elite, or gentle sunshine… All is possible. Six boys with six different personalities are always ready to welcome their lovely ladies.

ホスト 部 カフェ

The club was still operating, as usual, until one day, the seventh member showed up. Fujioka Haruhi, a middle-class girl, won a full scholarship because of her excellent academic performance and entered this aristocratic school without spending a dime.

But Haruhi didn’t expect that, on the first day of school, she would lose her way and enter the Ouran High School Host Club by mistake.
She accidentally broke the 8 million yen flower vase led her to become the “7th guy” of ouran host club manga to pay off a debt of 8 million yen.

The exciting student life of “Six Boys and One Girl” at this aristocratic school also officially begins.桜蘭 高校 ホスト 部 グッズ

First, suppose anyone reads the story’s title and mistakes this as an “unclean” series. In that case, it is wrong because this is ultimately a pure, cute, and hilarious story.

The male lead Suou Tamaki – The originator of ouran manga and the Ouran highschool host club owner, is a guy… well… how should I say it? When you first read the story, you will feel that he is a bit frivolous, always having thoughts.

Thoughts or ideas are pretty unstable and strange. Tamaki ohshc is like a comedian in the series. He is innocent, carefree, always laughing, talking, and doing crazy things. He always exudes Positive energy and makes people feel comfortable.

But the more you read, the more you will discover Tamaki has moments of maturity, is very manly, and is a reliable support. Tamaki is not a young boy; creating Ouran High School Host Club is not simply a waste of money and time but a place to make laughter and complete happiness.

桜蘭 高校 ホスト 部 漫画 無料

Tamaki, an optimistic person who always knows how to create joy in difficult situations and who knows how to spread that joy to everyone, is such a lovely character.

Coming to the female lead Fujioka Haruhi is a very “handsome” and believable character. Contrary to Tamaki’s jovial personality, Haruhi is an early adult, calm and always keeping her sanity in most “unsettled” situations in the club.

Haruhi is not a humorous person like Tamaki. She comes from a commoner, so her thoughts are also very realistic, but unfortunately, those practical thoughts become strange in the eyes of the noble students.

Rich creates dialogues and funny situations, and as a result, Haruhi also becomes the reluctant comedian of the series :)))


In addition to the male and female leads, it is also necessary to briefly mention the quality male and female cast, called the supporting actors. Still, they are not the harem of the female lead. They are close friends of the male and female leaders, a pure friendship.

Kyouya Otori, the club’s vice president and chief financial officer, the “low blood pressure great demon king” wolf in sheep’s clothing, always making the other members respect and fear.

The Hitachiin twins are a pair of sly and cunning brothers who love to joke around.

It’s Morinozuka Takashi, a guy who’s always been quiet. Still, he always looks like a mature and reliable older brother to everyone.

And Haninozuka Mitsukuni is a lovely, strong boy who dares to be true to himself with his own interests in Ouran highschool host club.

Each character has unique and lovely features. 7 people with 7 different personalities gather together to create days full of laughter, joy, and happiness.

kyoya ootori

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