Ouran High School Host Club vol 1-18. Do you have a crush on it?

ouran high school host club

Ouran High School Host Club vol 1-18 by Bisco Hatori is about a talented tomboy girl who received love from the hottest boys in a high-class high school.

Ouran Private High School is a school for:
1. Frestigious Families
2. Wealth

You can attend this school if you meet one of the above two criteria. But that is not enough. The rank is also divided from A to D depending on the family’s wealth.

Fujioka Haruhi, a scholarship student of Ouran High School, wants to find peace in the school, but almost everywhere is taken away by “boring, idle” people. Music room number 3, as soon as the door opened, a bunch of “glamorous handsome” appeared, the Flight Attendant Club.

Six super hot, super-talented boys reign in their own world, the world of A-listers. They see Haruhi as “a cheeky commoner,” boldly entering the school and entering the luxurious room this important.

Stunned by the club’s King’s recommendation, Haruhi accidentally breaks an antique Rene vase worth over 8 million yen. So Haruhi had to stay as a waitress at the club (which, in the anime, to be exact, is called Piggy or Dog).

Discovering the “hidden beauty” behind the messy hair and glasses left by his grandfather, King decided to admit Haruhi to the club (of course, Haruhi didn’t want to) as a full member.
And even more unique, King discovered that Haruhi was a girl (the other five people knew from the first time they met), so he decided to consider Haruhi, his daughter. And the story is even more enjoyable with the chapters “protecting the secret of being Haruhi’s daughter,” although Haruhi doesn’t care about such useless things ^^

Fujioka Haruhi

A simple girl, her mother was a lawyer who died early, and her father worked in a gay bar. Perhaps Haruhi also had a rather unusual personality living with such a father. Indifferent to everything, but quite sensitive and delicate in some other respects.

Haruhi is like a person with no hobbies, desires, or popularity before joining the Stewardess Club, but a student at the top of the academic ranking in 10th grade.

Suou Tamaki
[Romantic type] The leader of the Hostess Club (who prefers to be called King) is the most annoying goofy character in the manga/anime.
Love yourself, and never lie, so you are very confident (to the point of an exaggeration) about yourself, quite sensitive, and easily touched by many things, especially with endless inspiration from popular goods in the supermarket.

Upon discovering that Haruhi is a girl, Tamaki declares himself a father and always “protects” Haruhi from “disrespectful troublemakers.”
Education: second – grade 11

Otori Kyoya
[Cool type] The Vice President of the Stewardess Club is the King in the shadow of the club. The third child in the vast Otori wealthy family, Kyoya always sets many goals to strive to surpass her two successful brothers and win her father’s heart.

In her mind, Kyoya always asked herself the question: “Is it beneficial or not?” and when finding out the answer was “yes,” Kyoya began to map out a direction for “best benefit.”
Haruhi discovers that in Kyoya’s mind, he is looking for “unseen benefits.”
Haruhi’s mother (Tamaki Maple)
Education: 1st – 11th grade

Hitachiin Kaoru & Hikaru
[Little devil type] Twin brothers are like two drops of water. It must be said that always do the mirror game. Before joining the Stewardess Club, the two always thought that in this world, there was only “we” and “not us.”

Dry, indifferent to everything. Get bored and always live more deviant than the people around you. But somehow, in the concept of “we,” there was one person who could come in: Haruhi.
Considered by Tamaki to be Haruhi’s “two older brothers.”
Education: ranked 5-6th – 10th grade

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Haninozuka Mitsukuni (a.k.a: Honey)
[Loli-shota type] Grade 12, as small as a middle school student (1m48 tall). Likes to eat sweets and cakes. Always hold a rabbit in your hand given to you by your grandmother as a child, as a Karate master.

He is a super innocent, cute person rumored to have been a rabbit or honey bee in his past life. When not sleeping enough but being woken up, Honey immediately becomes an “assassin” and does not know how to yield to anyone, and the one who always solves Honey’s needs and problems is Mori.!

Education: 1st grade – 12th grade

Morinozuka Takashi (a.k.a: Mori)
[Wild type] Morinozuka is in grade 12, the club’s giant guy (1m92). He usually hides his emotions, always showing with an ice-cold face, and is good at kendo. Short talk, anyone who wants to understand why will understand.

Morinozuka was Haninozuka’s servant, but later on, the two families got married, and the master-servant relationship gradually faded. But because his blood still flows on Mori, he always tries to protect Honey (notice the names of both families have -nozuka)

When sleepy, Mori in Ouran High School is “terrible” with a super cute face and a bright smile, seeming to open his heart to more people by always calling customers “little kittens.” It’s so scary! And the one who discovered that Takashi was sleeping was still Honey.
Education: second – grade 12

Haruhi commented: “Don’t try to find peace in this club!”

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