Ore wa Teppei vol 1-31. Do you love him?

Ore wa Teppei

Ore wa Teppei is wild and unmannered protagonist.

Can Teppei really adapt to his new environment – in a prestigious home with 5 siblings and a solemn grandmother?

Tetsuya Chiba‘s Ore wa Teppei is the story of a boy named Teppei who, from a young age, followed his father to the mountains to find treasure. He had lived in that wild mountain forest all his childhood.

ore wa teppei (anime)

So when he returned to the city, he was said to have an eccentric personality and often caused funny problems because he was used to living in the wild. Thanks to the days of living in the mountains, Teppei has outstanding physical strength, a flexible body, and a quick mind. This gives him many advantages over his friends in sports activities.

ore wa teppei episode 1

Teppei became interested in Kendo. This modern martial art in Japan uses bamboo swords to compete.

Teppei diligently practices Kendo with the goal of becoming the best swordsman. And of course, on that road, he encountered many formidable opponents, all of which had their own knack that made Teppei extremely headache and find ways to cope.

ore wa teppei manga

Super-naughty Teppei, the humorous Manga associated with childhood.

Teppei is a humorous story with classic kendo elements inserted through the character’s passion in Japanese manga‘s world.

The series is close to the lines and simple drawings but has many funny elements that excite the readers.

siêu quậy teppisiêu quậy teppi trọn bộ truyện tranh hài

The story is highly educational, about pure and pure friendship between children, without any element of love and affection, so it is suitable for all ages.

truyen tranh hay nhat

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