Iznogoud vol 1-11, vol 16-27. Do you love him?


Iznogoud, the Grand Vizier of the Caliph of Baghdad at an undefined period in the past.

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This wicked vizier is a manga series created by Tabary in collaboration with Goscinny. It was first published in 1962 in Record magazine as a short story about the kind but silly king Haroun el-Poussah.

But gradually, the supporting character, the vizier, passionate about power, becomes the center of attention. The series was later renamed Iznogoud and serialized in Goscinny’s Pilote magazine from 1968 to 1977, then again in Pif Gadget from 1986 to 1992.

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Although not as well known internationally as Goscinny’s other two series, Astérix and Lucky Luke, this grand vizier is very popular in France.

The saying “I want to be the caliph in place of the caliph” became very popular and is often said with the connotation of “desire for something, but it will fail anyway”.

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Iznogoud has a unique but also fantastic quality that is perseverance. Through many failures, he still plots treason and is 100% sure he will never give up so that we will forever have Iznogoud stories to read.

truyen tranh hay nhat truyen tranh hay nhất truyện tranh tiếng anh

In 1992, the “Iznogoud” award was born, specializing in awarding those who have failed miserably in their careers.

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