Doraemon Long Stories vol 1-17. Do you love it?

Doraemon Long Stories vol 1-17

Doraemon Long Stories vol 1-17 – where all our dreams visualized

Have you ever imagined that one day you will be living in a world full of fairy tales told, rewritten, and redrawn and come to life before your eyes?

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When we were young, we used to think what a fairy tale world would be like, how enjoyable a world living in the beautiful things that fairy tales would be.

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And when that world appears before our eyes, do we hesitate to adventure and try our best, like the way Nobita’s friends used to fight and help each other in the Doraemon long stories.

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We often dream about the illusory and ambiguous things that the fairy world in doraemon manga brings, which may be good moral values ​​about people or humanistic stuff like the truth that good people will be rewarded.

Worthy reward and the wicked will be punished adequately according to the law of cause and effect in life.

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And so is the story of the journey of adventures in Doraemon’ long tales anthologies, all of which are stories with endings about cause and effect in life, and each episode gives us the feeling we need. Different, new journeys.

And especially in the Doraemon Nobita story collection in the land of a thousand and one nights, will be a recollection of a good fairy tale that we will never forget.

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First, let’s talk about the “love” the series conveys to the reader. Hidden behind the attractive, funny story frames behind each small story is a profound lesson about love in life.

The simple family loves full of warmth, perfect teacher-student love, and academic knowledge. What I cherish the most is sincere, pure friendship.

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Doraemon of Fujiko Fujio has brought us many emotions: “I laughed at Nobita’s clumsiness, I cried when I saw Doraemon parting with Nobita to go to the future, I was delighted to see Nobita’s revenge and petty, I was happy when I saw the sweet scene between Nobita and Shizuka. And I enjoyed reading Doraemon’s story.”



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