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Death Note - Colored manga

Death note review

(Tsugumi Ohba) – The original Yagami Raito wasn’t inherently wrong. He was just a high school student who was discontented with the world. In a world where crime is rampant, people, even by their flesh and blood, are treated with coldness or hate and contempt, etc.

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He wanted to do something to change this world into a better place, a pure world where there were no more criminals or social scum, a world of justice and God at that moment. Death Ryuk “drops” his Death Note, which Raito picks up. At first, he was scared, haunted, and even depressed because he killed people with the death book, but then what?

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Ryuk himself was surprised that Raito wrote so many names of criminals to punish them on the first meeting, just 5 days after Raito picked up the Death Note. It was this that marked the beginning of the alienation of Yagami Raito.

top truyện tranh hayMany people must be asking why I use the word “alienation”.

Simply read Death Note, and you will see the distortion in Yagami Raito’s psyche later. The high school student with the original idea of saving the world later became arrogant with his ability, becoming a murderer who is ready to kill innocent people, giving himself the right to control human life. Even consider himself a God, a saint of a new world.

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A world without crime, without scum, a picturesque world. But look at the truth, Raito is just a human being, a childish human being who, although seemingly bright, is just playing God’s game, a game he has no right to play when no human has any right to take the life of another. Or, more dangerously, Raito was only looking at the tip of the iceberg.

To be more specific, let’s take the example of an online game where you are playing a game to get good food. Another person on the enemy team gets jealous and reports you for swearing even though you didn’t, so the game system bans you from that game. The game system here also has bugs, just like Yagami Raito.

He only looks at the surface; in online games, it’s a report; in Raito, it’s a criminal label from the public or the media, etc. Can Raito be 100% sure that the people he kills are real criminals? Is there any wrongful death possible? The answer is sure to be answered by everyone. Nothing in this life is perfect.

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However, Yagami Raito is so corrupt; what is the cause? His nature? No. Deep inside, Raito is a selfish and childish demon who wants to be God, with boundless greed and selfishness? Maybe it is; I’m not sure. But in my opinion, the main reason for Raito’s corruption is Death Note. Raito is a victim of the Death Note.

The power that took the life of the death book made Raito corrupt. It was that power that gave birth to the illusion in him that he could become God. Death Note’s power is not something humans should have because it is such a terrifying power and not a gift, never. That is a curse. Anyone who picked up the Death Note and used it in any way was hit by that curse and suffered the consequences.

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Yagami Raito finally had to accept the consequences after so many crimes; he died at the hands of the death god Ryuk when his name was written in the notebook he used to kill criminals in the past. A criminal punishes crime and ends up penalized by dying by his own means, ironically.

L reminds me of the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes. Both have super-analytical minds, but their quirky personalities and slyness stand out even more, and both aren’t afraid to play bad. That’s too much to make me like someone. No matter how much I’m into SH, there is no inferiority between SH and L.

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