Doraemon Digital Colored Edition vol 1-15. Do you love him?

Doraemon Digital Colored

Doraemon Digital Colored Edition – the one that makes you recall all your best memories. Doraemon (Đô rê mon), a robotic cat from the future, has inspired a good life for many people, especially children. There have been many reviews of Doraemon, but comicqueen312 still wants to write a review of my own about Doraemon […]

Death Note – Colored manga

Death Note - Colored manga

Death note review (Tsugumi Ohba) – The original Yagami Raito wasn’t inherently wrong. He was just a high school student who was discontented with the world. In a world where crime is rampant, people, even by their flesh and blood, are treated with coldness or hate and contempt, etc. He wanted to do something to […]

Yotsuba to vol 1-15. Do you love her?

Yotsuba to

Yotsuba to (Yotsuba&!) is centered on Yotsuba Koiwai, a five-year-old girl who is energetic, cheerful, curious, odd, and quirky. The main character of the series is Yotsuba – a prominent five-year-old girl with four clusters of green hair like a four-leaf clover. The story consists of 13 volumes and 100 chapters; each revolves around a […]

Ore wa Teppei vol 1-31. Do you love him?

Ore wa Teppei

Ore wa Teppei is wild and unmannered protagonist. Can Teppei really adapt to his new environment – in a prestigious home with 5 siblings and a solemn grandmother? Tetsuya Chiba‘s Ore wa Teppei is the story of a boy named Teppei who, from a young age, followed his father to the mountains to find treasure. […]