Blue lock manga vol 1-13. Do you love Japan teams?

blue lock manga

Blue Lock manga of Yusuke Nomura is one of the favorite sports manga in Japan, first released in 2018.

In the story, after the Japanese team lost to Belgium, many people believe that what Japanese football needs is the egos of the strikers. They need footballers who are hungry for goals and care about the old football ideals.

A new coach is hired to coach talented young players in a prison-like facility called Blue Lock.

blue lock books

After Asano scored against Germany, this manga’s Twitter account posted: “Great! Ego!”.

Many spectators said they saw the spirit of Blue Lock in Asano’s goal.

Following the traditional play and the previous Japanese football philosophy, Asano is expected to pass the ball to his teammates.

Although the success rate when finishing at such a narrow angle is shallow, this player chose to be lock manga mal

That is also what the young players in Blue Lock books are taught. Teamwork does not help in many situations; strikers need to seize decisive moments.

The connection between Blue Lock and the Japanese team began before the 2022 World Cup.

blue lock manga cover

In August, “Blue Samurai” unveiled its Qatar World Cup jersey, incorporating elements of Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, as a symbol of happiness.

The uniform reveal was made in collaboration with the makers of Blue Lock manga and Giant Killing. The characters in the story wore new Japanese jerseys at the premiere. This image is a collaboration of manga illustrators Yusuke Nomura and Tsujitomo.

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