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Blue lock anime

Blue lock anime – where Japan turns unbelievable manga dreams into reality

Dream “Captain Tsubasa” and “Blue Lock”

Japan is a paradise for manga/anime from Muneyuki Kaneshiro, especially the shounen genre, of which the most famous are “Captain Tsubasa” of the past and “Blue Lock” of the present.

blue lock episode 6

“Captain Tsubasa”, also known as Tsubasa – Dream of the Lawn, was first released in 1981 by author Takahashi Yoichi. The episodes revolve around the main character, a boy prodigy of Japanese football named Tsubasa Ozora, and his journey to conquer world football.

blue lock episode 7

The dream of “Captain Tsubasa” is to join the Japanese team to defeat Germany and Brazil in the World Cup. This somewhat coincides with the original goal of “Green Samurai” at the 2022 World Cup, when they fell into the death group with the presence of two world champions Germany and Spain.

As a result, Japan won two matches with a 2-1. The scenario is similar to the manga/anime “Captain Tsubasa”.blue lock episode 9

“Captain Tsubasa” is an accurate prediction from the past for Japan’s journey to overthrow Germany, although somewhat fictional at the time it was born. 30 years later, “Blue Lock” anime even stepped into real life, accompanying the Japanese team at the 2022 World Cup.

“Blue Lock” episode 1-14 is set after Japan’s defeat at the 2018 World Cup, with the same question: what do they lack to win the championship? Ultimately, they realized that the team lacked a key striker who could bring home the victory.

blue lock episode 10

Therefore, the Japan Football Federation launched “Project Blue Lock”, bringing together 300 of the best young strikers from all over Japan. The project aims to create only one striker who craves pursuits more than anyone.

The modern spirit and aspiration to win “Blue Lock” have been partly demonstrated by the Japanese team on the field of the World Cup 2022. In particular, “Blue Samurai” aims to increase the score to 2-1 against the lock episode 11

Spain yesterday morning was exactly like the situation in the manga. All blue-shirt players are hungry for goals, do not give up, and take every opportunity possible.

“A striker who is dead, suffocated by pressure in front of the opponent’s goal is not worthy of being a striker”, the character Shoei Baro in Blue lock anime bluntly commented. The players on the Japanese national team agree entirely with that lock episode 13

The image of Daizen Maeda and Mitoma Kaoru trying to save the ball with their whole bodies before creating an opportunity for Ao Tanaka to score. That is the spirit of “Blue Lock” – the desire to achieve.


Blue Lock chose a different path when the story began with recruiting people to the professional team. The characters are here not just to win a high school or national tournament but instead the most coveted prize in world lock episode 14

One thing’s for sure, Blue Lock has its “risky” characters as a typical shounen tropes but there must be such typical tropes that portray their roles like in other series and make them compelling. more in the context of this world.

Sure there will be ambitious students and they compete against each other to be the best for various reasons but it focuses on aspects in an interesting way and makes good use of the bad premise. structure with the hyper-competitive, violent and cute nature of the lock episode 12

And when they become teenagers, it still makes sense because in the real world a lot of professional players start their careers very young.

All Blue lock anime episode 1-14 have English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portugese, French, German, Italian subtitles. Just click to choose subtitle depends on your video player. 

View the demo of this anime here

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