Agatha Christie’s comics. Do you love reading these 5 masterpieces?

Agatha Christie’s comics

Agatha Christie’s comics (and there were none, death on the Nile, murder on the Orient Express, the Murder on the Links, the Secret of Chimneys): a collection of 5 comics from the Queen of cirme Agatha Christie.

And there were none

The story is about 10 people called to an island and murdered one by one in the manner of a rhyme in everyone’s room. After rambling for a while, this is probably the best Agatha Christie’s detective book I’ve ever read.

and there were none

It has all the outstanding elements, an extraordinarily gripping and suspenseful plot, a bit of horror, an extremely puzzling mystery, and a great killer.

He doesn’t use much strength but uses understanding. His knowledge of human beings (this is taken from the introduction to Agatha Christie’s book “The deadly dance”).

agatha christie murder on the orient express

What differentiates it from many other detective books is that no detective solves the mystery that the murderer himself has solved for us. This is also the part I like so much.

The character building is superb, plus I want to see how the murderer judges the results of the murders. Still, the law can’t do anything about them.

án mạng trên sông nile

Murder on the Orient Express
“This is more unrealistic than any detective novel I have ever read.”

The end of this case is unexpected and leaves a big haunting echo, which I really like and even think is an indispensable spice in thrilling detective works.

One additional point that pleases me is that the French phrases in this book are translated right next to, not at the bottom of the page.

death on the nile book review

Murder on the Orient Express is the second book I’ve read that features a detective with a giant beard. This time, I’m completely captivated.

Hercule Poirot can deduce a master, highly sharp in terms of psychological capture. Most significant is the trick to set traps in the dialogues.


Suppose Sherlock Holmes’s crime-solving process is mainly based on traces and tiny clues. In that case, Hercule Poirot is more inclined to criminal psychology and finds something unusual in the suspects’ behavior.

Death on the Nile

Murder on the Nile is a book written by an omniscient narrator. Although not written from the words of a character, the narrator knows each character’s personal feelings and exploits this very carefully.

mười người da đen nhỏ

The context is constantly changing, and the main story is brought to the reader through many perspectives from different characters. Queen of crime Agatha Christie begins with the articles surrounding Linnet and the gossip of some drinking friends at the bar about her and Widdersham’s marriage.

This information was later clarified through a conversation between Linnet and a friend. The news of her marriage was a letter she sent to Mr. Pennington.

ten little niggers

Ms. Agatha Christie ensured that the story flow continued seamlessly while at the same time inserting new character introductions to add drama to the ‘random’ encounter at the Nile ship.

In the end:

‘A fool’s game, and we’ve lost. That’s all.’

However, the story’s ending is also considered quite complete, although equally tragic. People who are too passionate and ambitious (here, talking about money) have paid the right price, and people who deserve happiness have it.

In the story, Agatha Christie cleverly integrates two more couples – seen as a way to bring joy to people who have lived a relatively humble and equally sad life.

However, because this is a detective story, the romantic details could be more robust, fully developed, and unnecessary. Still, it also makes the ending more complete.

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