The Economics Book. Will you love listening and reading?

The Economics Book

The Economics Book – where world experts have explained all your complex economic questions and theories. Economics is a broad subject, and your knowledge may be limited if you are not an economist by profession – until now! The Economics Book from DK is your visual, jargon-free guide to understanding the production and distribution of […]

Blue lock anime. Do you love Japan team in World Cup?

Blue lock anime

Blue lock anime – where Japan turns unbelievable manga dreams into reality Dream “Captain Tsubasa” and “Blue Lock” Japan is a paradise for manga/anime from Muneyuki Kaneshiro, especially the shounen genre, of which the most famous are “Captain Tsubasa” of the past and “Blue Lock” of the present. “Captain Tsubasa”, also known as Tsubasa – […]

The Sherlock Holmes book – DK (Series Big Ideas Simply Explained)

The Sherlock Holmes book - DK

The Sherlock Holmes Book chronicles every case of the world’s greatest detective and his assistant Dr. Watson. The game is afoot, and now you can discover every detail of Sherlock Holmes’ world. From the first novel, A Study in Scarlet, to the masterpiece The Hound of the Baskervilles and the detective’s last story, The Adventure […]

Blue lock manga vol 1-13. Do you love Japan teams?

blue lock manga

Blue Lock manga of Yusuke Nomura is one of the favorite sports manga in Japan, first released in 2018. In the story, after the Japanese team lost to Belgium, many people believe that what Japanese football needs is the egos of the strikers. They need footballers who are hungry for goals and care about the […]

Calvin and Hobbes full collection. Do you still love them?

Calvin and Hobbes full collection

Calvin and Hobbes – the ideal duo friends we all want Bill Watterson was looking for something else. Anyone who has heard Watterson’s speech at Kenyon University in 1990 will quickly recognize the different path he took. At the same time, as a reference to Chuck Schulz’s “Peanuts” and the victim of many rejections (he […]