Blue lock manga vol 1-13. Do you love Japan teams?

blue lock manga

Blue Lock manga of Yusuke Nomura is one of the favorite sports manga in Japan, first released in 2018. In the story, after the Japanese team lost to Belgium, many people believe that what Japanese football needs is the egos of the strikers. They need footballers who are hungry for goals and care about the […]

Doraemon vol 1-100. Love it or not?

Doraemon vol 1-100

Doraemon vol 1- 100 Why should you read Doraemon in English and Japanese?  First, it helps your mind relax after stressful studying or working hours. The second reason is you can practice foreign languages ​​as naturally as possible because the vocabulary in this book is simple, easy to understand, and adaptable to daily life. Ten […]

Nhà giả kim – The alchemist. Do you love Santiago?

Nhà giả kim - The alchemist

Nhà giả kim – The alchemist – Cuốn sách làm lay động lòng người (A book makes me cry from heart)  Đã có nhiều review “Nhà giả kim” nhưng bản thân tôi vẫn muốn viết ở đây đôi dòng kỷ niệm. Cuốn sách có thể hay, có thể dở với nhiều người nhưng với tôi, […]

Con mèo trời – The cat who went to heaven. Do you love reading it?

truyện song ngữ Con mèo trời-the cat who went to heaven

Con mèo trời – The cat who went to heaven (Vietnamese-English bilingual book) A masterpiece from Elizabeth Coatsworth (Newbery Award winner, 1931) Bạn muốn đọc truyện tiếng Anh song ngữ? Bạn yêu thích truyện thiếu nhi kinh điển? Bạn thích một cuốn sách tiếng Việt, và là sách song ngữ với văn phong chuẩn? Bạn […]

Doraemon Digital Colored Edition vol 1-15. Do you love him?

Doraemon Digital Colored

Doraemon Digital Colored Edition – the one that makes you recall all your best memories. Doraemon (Đô rê mon), a robotic cat from the future, has inspired a good life for many people, especially children. There have been many reviews of Doraemon, but comicqueen312 still wants to write a review of my own about Doraemon […]